Oil and Gas


Imms Industrial is uniquely experienced with the coating challenges of the oil and gas industries. With extensive experience in pipeline and storage facilities Imms Industrial can provide facility owners with fully trained and approved manpower. Through our Operator Qualification program, DOT Drug & Alcohol plan, and safety programs Imms Industrial has the personnel to meet our client operator’s requirements.

Operator Qualified Workforce

As part of the Department of Transportations regulatory requirements of 49 CFR §192 and §195, which have become known throughout the industry as the Operator Qualification (OQ) Rule, Imms Industrial has developed and trained its workforce to meet our client’s requirements.

• Above ground coating application training and verification.
• Below ground coating application training and verification.
• Abrasive blasting operations training and verification.
• Abnormal operating conditions and the proper response training and verification.

DOT Regulated Drug & Alcohol Testing

Imms Industrial Coatings Inc. has a long-standing commitment to maintain the highest standards for employee safety and health and the use of controlled substances is contrary to these high standards.

Our policy also brings Imms Industrial Coatings into compliance with federal law. The purpose of the anti drug and alcohol plan is to reduce accidents that result from the use of controlled substances, thereby reducing fatalities, injuries, and property damage by employees who perform covered functions for operators of certain pipeline facilities subject to 49 CFR Part s192, 193, and 195.

Coating Specification

Imms Industrial Coatings works closely with suppliers to develop specifications that fit our client’s needs. Some factors that can influence a selection of a coating system include:

• Exposure
• Operating conditions
• Substrate type
• Ambient conditions during application
• Environmental regulations
• Time constraints

Dustless Wet Abrasive Blasting

Imms Industrial Coatings Inc. uses wet abrasive blasting systems to limit dust to undetectable levels and provide a cleaner surface for a paint system to adhere. The wet abrasive blasting system uses water combined with abrasive to catch the abrasive after contact with the substrate, weighing the dust down. This limits the amount of dust created. The water also provides a method of washing away the steel contaminants helping the adhesion of high performance coatings. This system is ideal for pipeline operators where nuisance dust can be an issue.

Concrete Pier Modification

Concrete will deteriorate over time creating hazardous conditions for pipeline operators. Imms Industrial has experience modifying pipeline piers to improve their stability, safety, and aesthetics. With the use of advanced concrete and epoxies Imms Industrial can repair concrete piers timely and cost effectively. We can eliminate metal to metal contact, repair corrosion, and rebuild the concrete pier to meet the Department of Transportation and Public Service Commission requirements.