Power Generation

industrial painting for power generation industry

Imms Industrial has the knowledge base and manpower to tackle the challenges of coating application within the power generation industries. We have the techniques and labor options to work within the coal and hydroelectric generation sectors. Imms Industrial has provided power generation owners with solutions to projects as challenging as coal conveyor, storage tanks, hydroelectric head works, turbine units, and control rooms. We have the solutions and manpower for your next project.

Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Imms Industrial Coatings is an industry leader in the application of high performance coatings to coal fire power generating facilities. We have the trained and experienced labor force to work on any of the following structures.

• Storage tanks
• Conveyors
• Structural steel
• Concrete floors
• Building siding
• Water treatment

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Imms Industrial has helped our clients maintain their hydroelectric generating facilities. We have developed coating specification and work plans tailored to the safety and environmental demands confronted by our clients. Imms Industrial has solutions, experience, and techniques for the following structures.

• Head works
• Spill and discharge gates
• Concrete floors
• Storage tanks
• Turbine cleaning and painting
• Piping
• Power house

Coating Specification

Imms Industrial Coatings works closely with suppliers to develop specifications that fit our client’s needs. Some factors that can influence a selection of a coating system include:

• Exposure
• Operating conditions
• Substrate type
• Ambient conditions during application
• Environmental regulations
• Time constraints

Protective Coating Application

A protective coating is any material that when applied to a surface that will resist the service environment and prevent serious breakdown of the substrate. Imms Industrial Coatings Inc. specializes in putting a barrier between a corrosive environment and the material to be protected. Our clients have a variety of reasons to paint from corrosion control, fireproofing, waterproofing, safety, color coding, to appearance. Imms Industrial Coatings Inc. has the experience and technique to apply:

• Alkyds
• Acrylics
• Epoxies
• Polyurethanes
• Zinc Rich
• Advanced 100% solid hybrid coatings
• High heat

Surface Preparation

The performance of a coating is affected by proper surface preparation; it is the foundation that a coating system is built on. Coating integrity and service life will be reduced because of improper surface prep. The selection and implementation of proper surface preparation ensures coating adhesion to the substrate and a lengthy service life. Imms Industrial Coatings Inc. offers all of the following options:

• Hand tool cleaning
• Power tool cleaning
• Water blasting
• White metal blast
• Near white blast
• Commercial blast
• Brush off blast
• Solvent cleaning
• Steam cleaning
• Acid etching

Wet Abrasive Blasting

Imms Industrial Coatings Inc. uses wet abrasive blasting systems to limit dust to undetectable levels and provide a cleaner surface for a paint system to adhere. The wet abrasive blasting system uses water combined with abrasive to catch the abrasive after contact with the substrate, weighing the dust down. This limits the amount of dust created. The water also provides a method of washing away the steel contaminants helping the adhesion of high performance coatings.