Tank Linings



Storage tanks and their contents are extremely valuable assets that need to be protected. Internal storage tank linings are crucial to preventing corrosion from fumes, condensation, and exposure to process chemicals. Coatings for this type of immersion service must be resistant to the stored products and must prevent their contamination.

• Chemical storage tanks
• Fuel tanks
• Wastewater tanks
• Water tanks

Chemical and corrosion attack on steel and concrete can be costly.
• Create hazardous work environment
• Disrupt the manufacturing process
• Cause a plant shutdown
• Create product purity issues

Coating Specification

Imms Industrial Coatings works closely with suppliers to develop specifications that fit our client’s needs. Some factors that can influence a selection of a coating system include:

• Exposure
• Operating conditions
• Substrate type
• Ambient conditions during application
• Environmental regulations
• Time constraints